June 22, 2011

Hear New Sound: Deerhunter's "Cool" (Pylon Cover)

In the '80s, the city of Athens, GA became the epicenter of a wealth of bands who've since had a profound impact on the American alternative underground, and the aftershocks of those influences still resonate in today's generation of musicians. While R.E.M. were kings of college rock and The B-52's brought a zany element to the new wave pop scene, Pylon invented a less angular and danceable feel of post-punk. Now, current indie heavyweights and fellow Athens natives, Deerhunter, are paying homage to the female-fronted four-piece with a cover of their classic single, "Cool." The DFA 7" exclusive stays true to the original aside from a hint of that signature dreamy atmospheric sound in the guitar department from Bradford Cox and company. Looks like everyone got the "black and white photo featuring a striped shirt" memo as well...

Deerhunter - "Cool" (Pylon cover)

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