June 30, 2011

LIVESound: Iceage Play WFMU'S Bryan Turner Show

Recent BUZZSound and recipients of an AwkwardSound-approved review, Iceage, have finally hit U.S. soil with their debut album, New Brigade, and are marking their territory all across country with raucous live performances scheduled to take place on both sides of the coast. Amid all the hype and focus on the teenage post-punkers, the Copenhagen quarter recently took the time to record a live in-studio session for Bryan Turner's Show on acclaimed New Jersey indie radio station, WFMU. The surging 25 minute set, which can be downloaded in full at WFMU's blog and the Free Music Archive, features a selection of tracks off New Brigade alongside covers of Marching Church and Sex Drome. The question is, was there anything left of the studio after Iceage finished?

Iceage - "You're Blessed" (Live on WFMU)

Iceage - "White Sails" (Marching Church Cover Live on WFMU)

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