June 2, 2011

The Men

Brooklyn-based quartet, The Men, are part of a revival in Suicide-homaging kraut rockers alongside fellow BUZZSound bands, Cult of Youth and Iceage, who make use of the genre with a more aggressive, heavier edge than we've been accustomed to hearing. The group originally began as the trio of Nick Chiericozzi, Mark Perro and Chris Hansell, but recently added Rick Samis to the roster as their full-time drummer following the recording of their latest release, Leave Home. Since forming in 2008, The Men have put out a few full-lengths on cassette and 7" singles, but Leave Home will be the band's first widely distributed release. Unlike their earlier work which was heavily indebted to noise rock and hardcore riffs, this album is filled with more darker, furious compositions that blister with pop hooks, distortion, reverb and destructive, intricate instrumental pieces. Leave Home is available now on Sacred Bones Records (home to the aforementioned Cult of Youth and AwkwardSound favorite, Zola Jesus,) and keep your eye out on the road because The Men should be hitting it soon.

The Men - "Bataille"

The Men - "( )"

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