June 9, 2011

Song Review: Male Bonding's "Bones"

One by one, noise pop bands are shaking off the lo-fi grit and applying more clarity into the production quality of their music, with the latest to chuck the trend being London-based punk act, Male Bonding. The trio made a memorable impression on AwkwardSound last year with their breakthrough debut, Nothing Hurts, and now one year later, the fuzz rockers are returning with their less-fuzzy sophomore follow-up, Endless Now. "Bones" is the first track off the LP, and much like a recent live session in Italy (which saw them taking on a rare stripped down approach and fine tuning their power pop skills,) the track suggests Male Bonding are putting a bigger effort into perfecting their sound to compensate for the lack of a lo-fi mask. Minus the hissy production, "Bones" is complete with layers of vocals from all fronts and directions (which interestingly allows us to hear the sharpness of their British accents) that expands into a climactic mountain of thick pop punk power chords and a drilling drum beat. It's by far the UK trio's longest track ever recorded, and judging by the variation of guitar styles swerving in and out of this rampaging romantic ode, Male Bonding really are taking advantage of time and what's available to them in the studio. For a band who burst onto the scene with nothing but slopping two-minute rockers, Male Bonding builds "Bones" in all its six-and-a-half-minutes strong from head to toe.

Male Bonding - "Bones"

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