June 10, 2011

Touché Amoré

LA hardcore act, Touché Amoré, have been escaping the suburban sprawls they came from and living their lives on the road in typical DIY punk fashion since 2007. Road warriors in their own right, the young band has earned a deserved reputation as an incredible live act with a growing following who've seen them tour up and down the coasts of the United States and across the narrows of Europe alongside genre heavyweights Converge and Thursday as well as two of AwkwardSound's favorite breakthrough acts of 2010, Trash Talk and Ceremony. While some have been quick to link the quintet to "screamo," Touché Amoré's approach to their style of emotional hardcore sees them as torchbearers indebted to the heavier, raw sounds that sprung from now-defunct bands such as American Nightmare, pageninetynine and Hot Cross. Lyrically, there's a profoundly personal message in their words that echo the intellectual grind of D.C. hardcore emo scene legends, Embrace and Rites of Spring. Their newly released sophomore effort on Deathwish Records entitled Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me is already one of 2011's best hardcore albums and with their global tour itinerary looking like this over the next four months, there's no way Touché Amoré's momentum will stall.

Touché Amoré - "Tilde"

Touché Amoré feat. Geoff Rickly - "History Reshits Itself"

"Home Away From Here"
Directed by: Derek Woods

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