July 25, 2011

Cerebral Ballzy

It's shaping up to be an incredible year for punk rock and if recent releases and spotlights on Fucked Up, Touché Amoré, Title Fight, Iceage and The Men still don't have you convinced, then Brooklyn's Cerebral Ballzy should leave no doubt in your mind. Channeling the influence of the golden age of hardcore during the 1980s, these NYC skate enthusiasts are in good company alongside 2010 Breakthrough Artists Ceremony and Trash Talk as well as OFF! in revitalizing the genre's more aggressive, high impact, bare bones fashion akin to trailblazers Black Flag, Descendents, Bad Brains and Circle Jerks. Living off a steady diet of beer, girls and skateboarding, the quintet have come to be defined by the "we don't give a fuck" youth attitude that the very foundation of punk and hardcore are built on (and their lyrics echo these sentiments.) If you're having a tough time taking their name seriously, it doesn't seem like the band does or cares to either. According to lead singer, Honor Titus, the name "Cerebral Ballzy" was spawned after he witnessed a friend drop a piece of pizza on the train tracks, pick it up, and without hesitation, eat it. Titus commended, "That was ballsy," and his friend responded, "Cerebral ballsy!" Think what you make of that, but Cerebral Ballzy is being taken very seriously by their peers. Keith Morris of OFF! has already championed the band while renowned artist, Raymond Pettibon, known for drawing up iconic album art for the likes of Black Flag and more recently, OFF!'s first four EPs, has offered up his talents to the band's upcoming self-titled debut due out July 26th on Adult Swim's Williams Street Records. If you want to dig deeper into the band's catalog, they've put out a few limited cassettes (with the most recent still available on Article) and 7" singles that are mostly long sold out. Having had dates in the past with Black Lips and Trash Talk, Cerebral Ballzy will be heading overseas on their own to play sets at high profile festivals such as Reading and Leeds in the UK and Summer Sonic in Tokyo. By the time they come back to the States, they'll probably be a household name in the blogosphere and still just want to skate, drink beer, eat pizza and get girls.

Cerebral Ballzy - "Your Idol"

Cerebral Ballzy - "Puke Song"

"Insufficient Fare"
Directed by: Mason James and Evan Wunsch

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