July 21, 2011

Hear New Sound: Bomb the Music Industry!'s "Savers"

Brooklyn-based DIY punk collective and free music advocates, Bomb the Music Industry!, are set to release their sixth LP, Vacation, next week physically on Ernest Jenning Records. With that, they'll be hitting the road again, but their upcoming tour in support of the new album comes with a much deeper and meaningful purpose. Instead of casting the net to the usual suspects of music blogs and websites to endorse Vacation's new tracks, they turned to suicide prevention hotline and support group, Hopeline.com, who then hooked up with Jeff Rosenstock and company to form the Pick Up the Phone Suicide Prevention Tour. Below, you can stream the fuzzed out first single, "Savers," which includes topically relevant themes to the tour and is a subject Rosenstock says hits close to home. If you like what you hear, you can download the single for free off the tour's official web page as well as Vacation, in its entirety, at Quote Unquote Records come July 26th. While AwkwardSound is well aware posting this kind of defeats the purpose of Bomb the Music Industry!'s intentions of steering clear of the blogosphere this time around, AS hopes you'll attend one of their many shows, support the cause and enjoy the punk rock.

Bomb the Music Industry! - "Savers"

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