July 7, 2011

Hear New Sound: Duke Nukem Forever's "Homesick" / "Hunger Pains"

Yes, they're naming bands after '90s PC games now, but as long as they include members from two of AwkwardSound's favorite hardcore punk bands of the moment, there's no issue to be raised with it. Drummers Sam Bosson of Trash Talk (makers of AS' 12th favorite album of 2010 and one of the year's Best Breakthrough Artists) and Elliott Babin of recent BUZZSound, Touché Amoré, comprise one half of the Los Angeles powerviolence act, Duke Nukem Forever -- alongside the surnameless Kyle and Chad. The band actually formed a few years back but went on hiatus in 2010 as each member went on to work on their own respective projects. Earlier this year, the California-based DNF reformed and began playing shows and recording new material, which has ultimately resulted in an upcoming full-length album (which details have yet to be announced.) Below you can prepare for Duke Nukem Forever's full-on heavy hardcore audio assault in the form of "Homesick" and "Hunger Pains," and download the songs for free at their Bandcamp site. Guns up...

Duke Nukem Forever - "Homesick"

Duke Nukem Forever - "Hunger Pains"

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