July 19, 2011

LIVESound: The Get Up Kids Cover Blur for A.V. Undercover

This year's season of The A.V. Club's Undercover project has brought us some odd takes and some sensibly understandable ones of other artists' songs, but perhaps none have combined two very different era's of AwkwardSound's youth (and '90s music in general) more brilliantly than this week's installment. Recently reunited emo-punk pioneers, The Get Up Kids, entered The A.V. Club's studio in Chicago to perform their rendition of the 1994 hit, "Girls & Boys" by Brit-pop innovators, Blur (who AS very much wishes would also reunite for a round of U.S. dates in the near future...) Unlike most other studio performances seen and heard on A.V. Undercover, The Get Up Kids have actually been playing this song live on recent outings, with Jim Suptic taking on lead vocals instead of Matt Pryor for a change. "Girls who are boys..." sung by Kids who are grown men...

The Get Up Kids cover Blur's "Girls & Boys"

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