July 16, 2011

Song Review: The Drums' "Money"

After arriving on the music scene with a much-hyped and successful debut, The Drums have had a lot to figure out in a short amount of time when it comes to their sophomore effort. While it's natural to anticipate bigger, better and / or different things with each sequential release from any band, the Best Breakthrough Artists of 2010 listmakers have publicly appeared conflicted over where to go on their forthcoming LP, Portamento, due out September 12th on Island Records. In an interview earlier this year, guitarist Connor Hanwick stated that "stylistically and sonically and production-wise, the album will sound pretty similar to this one, just with new songs." Cut to just earlier this month, and the band was singing an entirely different tune by stating stylistic discrepancies nearly broke them up, and that Portamento would now mark a "major step forward." Based on the LP's lead single, "Money," it sounds like a compromise was met by finding a happy medium between both. The most apparent change you'll hear right off the bat is in the track's morbid opening line ("Before I die, I'd like to do something nice...") in which lead singer Jonathan Pierce channels deeper vocals and subjects that heed the influence of one Stephen Patrick Morrissey. As "Money" hopscotches around with quick-paced Johnny Marr-like guitars and an upbeat rhythm section that has come to define The Drums' sound, "Money" isn't so much of a departure in anything as it is a slight shift in the tone their style is conveyed. Given their music has always included all the right ingredients to make for timeless indie pop, The Drums' "Money" follows a formula that probably can't be messed up no matter how you tweak it, and thus far, the results pay off.

The Drums - "Money"

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