August 16, 2011

Hear New Sound: Braid's "Universe or Worse"

Today marks the day that influential indie-emo outfit, Braid, break their 11 year silence and have released four newly recorded tracks as part of their new EP, Closer to Closed, out now on Polyvinyl Records. Contrary to what one certain influential review site may lead you to believe, the EP is a highly recommended listen that marks both an exciting step in growth and a new direction for Bob Nanna and the guys while maintaining the integrity of their signature stop-and-go emotive rock sound. AwkwardSound has already brought you the catchy-as-Hell lead singer, "The Right Time," and now, thanks to RCRD LBL, you can listen to the album's third track, "Universe or Worse" (put them together and that's 50% of the EP!) The song includes everything you could want from Braid, with sprawling math rock instrumentation and lyrics that drive your heart off into the distance. The universe goes from worse to better in just under six minutes...

Braid - "Universe or Worse"

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