August 29, 2011

Hear New Sound: Gallows' "True Colours"

One band's loss is another musician's gain, as is the case for UK hardcore rockers, Gallows. Following the departure of frontman Frank Carter, the rest of the band was dealt the daunting task of filling a very large void left by the charismatic thrasher's exit and found a suitable replacement in Wade MacNeil, former guitarist of the recently-defunct Canadian post-hardcore act, Alexisonfire and current frontman to his other punk project, Black Lungs. What fans from both parties have been eagerly awaiting to hear is the glaringly obvious: How will a Canadian manage to take the reigns for a much-buzzed-about anarchic hardcore act whose work to date has revolved so much about British culture and politics? It turns out Gallows 2.0 does away with its UK-centricities altogether and gets down to business in a loud way with "True Colours." MacNeil recently said the new material he has been working on with his new bandmates includes "the most brutal thing" the band had ever written, and this new song backs up those words. I see Gallows new "True Colours" shining through...

Gallows - "True Colours"

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