August 28, 2011

LIVESound: Male Bonding Debut Endless Now

Some bands get the early word out on a new release by streaming the album in full on their website of choice, but noise-pop punk trio Male Bonding are taking a completely different and much more raw course of action to make sure you know their sophomore effort, Endless Now is on its way. This past Wednesday, the UK band began unveiling a select track off the highly anticipated LP by posting a live clip from a recent set at London's Buffalo Bar in no particular order through SubPop's Vimeo channel. We've already sampled Endless Now's opener, "Tame the Sun" and its first single, "Bones" in their finished form, but hearing the tracks played without the added production tweaks proves that Male Bonding has always had a tight, punchy grip around their new lo-fi-free body of material. Watch a definite highlight in "Before It's Gone" followed by "Bones" below. If you don't want Endless Now live to end, you can also watch "Tame the Sun" and "What's That Scene?" over at Vimeo. The series is capped off tomorrow with "Can't Dream" to celebrate the album's release in Male Bonding's native UK.

"Before It's Gone"


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