August 1, 2011

LIVESound: OFF! Play "Compared to What" for Room 205

As punks age, some get soft and mellow out while others never quite lose their edge. Ted Leo recently visited Incase's Room 205 and demonstrated evidence of the former when he stripped down to an acoustic guitar for a subtle bare bones session inside an evolving set. Hardcore supergroup, OFF!, on the other hand are on the complete opposite site of the spectrum and have been proving to the world since forming in 2009 that they have it in them to throw down with the latest generation of youngens. Luckily whoever organized this particular installment had the foresight to know that nothing can physically contain the explosive energy of Keith Morris and company, which is why they set up shop in a run-down, dilapidated Los Angeles motel room that already looks like something destroyed it (otherwise, that's what would have remained after OFF! had blasted through their latest 7" single, "Compared to What.") Here's to wondering if anything will be left of Room 205 when OFF! completes there three part series two weeks from now...

"Compared to What" (Room 205)

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