August 15, 2011

LIVESound: OFF! Play "Poison City" and "Crawl" for Room 205

Two weeks ago, AwkwardSound predicted that by the end of their three-part series for Incase's Room 205 live music session, hardcore powerhouses, OFF!, would leave the grungy motel room they were fittingly placed to perform in shambles once they got through rampaging through their heavy-hitting barrage of short-riffed distortion, drum and bass chaos and of course, Keith Morris' unleashed vocal fury. Surprisingly enough, that prediction doesn't actually come true as evidenced by a video outtake from OFF!'s final performance of the track "Crawl" taken from their First Four EPs, but then again it depends what your definition of "in shambles" is. If your ears are bleeding by the time you see Keith running the mic over Dimitri Coats' guitar for added feedback, I'd consider the damage enjoyably done. (For added measure, AS has included an audio stream of last week's episode of "Poison City," which you can visually take in here.)

OFF! - "Poison City" (Room 205)

"Crawl" (Room 205)

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