August 1, 2011

Song Review: Drake's "Headlines"

Drizzy, Drizzy, Drizzy... There's never really been an easy way telling what you can expect from this guy, has there? The buzz around the eccentric Canadian hip-hopper haven't always been met with absolute praise here on AwkwardSound, but he's still managed to find some very good and intriguing reasons to keep us listening. On the heels of this past spring's Recommended Listen, "Dreams Money Can't Buy," arrives "Headlines," the supposed first single off his upcoming sophomore effort, Take Care. Where it was noted on AS' review of "Dreams..." that Drake was sounding comfortable coming to terms with and accepting his Young Money fame and fortune, "Headlines" has you wondering if the Degrassi alumni has anything else on his mind he'd much rather rhyme about. We get it, Drizzy. The ladies like you because you're one of the hottest rappers in the game right now and all your contemporaries want to get some studio time in with you ever since you've managed to transcend the borders of rap, R&B, pop and even crack a fanbase with a discriminating indie audience. Unfortunately, "Headlines" finds Drake still caught up in his position as hip-hop's brightest star who is brash in his love and loathe with the attention this brings him from friends, musicians and women. Meanwhile, the beat isn't steaming with Thank Me Later's sexier moments nor does it come with the confident bombast of its lead single, "Over." Drake's lyrics instead trip over a generic electronic drum snare with an underwhelming synth loop that you'd expect from his mentor, Lil' Wayne's weaker jaunts. Longtime collaborators and producers, Noah "40" Shabib and Matthew "Boi-1da" Samuels are responsible for that, but considering there's been indication of sexy R&B slowburners, The Weeknd and Jamie X joining the Toronto native this time around, maybe it was a misstep for Drake to choose a song titled "Headlines" as Take Care's initial introduction when it doesn't bring any new ideas to his audience.

Drake - "Headlines"

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  1. The drums on feel weak/shallow/hollow. The song may hit harder with fuller percussion. Just a thought. Carry on.