August 15, 2011

Song Review: Touché Amoré's "Home Away from Here"

In the early stages of the 2000s, a fresh crop of post-hardcore bands oddly became pin-ups for regular rotation on mainstream alternative rock radio stations. Backed by the modest hit single, "Signals Over the Air," Thursday's 2003 major label debut War All the Time set the pace by debuting at #7 on the Billboard charts. Soon afterward, their counterparts Thrice enjoyed some surprising commercial success with The Artist In the Ambulance, and the trend was finally solidified in 2004 when Taking Back Sunday's sophomore smash, Where You Want to Be, moved 163,000 copies to claim the #3 spot on the Top 200. While this "golden" age in accidentally commercialized hardcore has since given way to different trends in mass appeal, a new breed of bands is emerging from this scene who can possibly reignite interest on a large scale. BUZZSound Touché Amoré is the most likely candidate to do just that with the heart-on-their-sleeve cut, "Home Away from Here" off this year's highly-recommended sophomore LP, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. Combining a barrage of emotional aggression, rough-edged melody and a post-hardcore ferocity that doesn't really sound like any other band out there at the moment, "Home Away from Here" has the makings of something that stands out distinctly in a genre whose individuality has waned in recent years. Perhaps this tracks gets its footing from the blunt and brutally honest words that lead singer, Jeremy Bolm, spits out over the course of under two minutes. From what AS gets out of it, "Home Away from Here" is a song that's just as much about detachment from the "home" where you've come from as it is a Get In the Van-like lyrical tour diary. Touché Amoré is onto something refreshing and life-affirming here with their earnest, humbled heart-on-its-sleeve approach that comes through vividly in their sound and transcends passionately during the many basement shows they still proudly play. Whatever the case, "Home Away from Here" just may be their ticket out of whatever doldrums they're trying to escape.

Touché Amoré - "Home Away From Here"

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