August 18, 2011


After a successful round of reunion dates a few years back, the noise resonating from My Bloody Valentine's amps has gone silent for the time being, leaving a severe lack of distortion pedals and lush guitars entering the airspace that are looking to be filled by a new generation of shoegaze purists. San Francisco sextet, Whirr (formerly known as Whirl) create a form-fitting sound that is surely trying its best to make the decibels on your speaker system peak in the most beautiful ways. The young band was formed in 2010 as a side-project by Nick Bassett, guitarist of the Deathwish-signed black metal band, Deafheaven. He, alongside members Joey Bautista, Byanca Munoz, Sergio Miranda, Loren Rivera and Eddie Salgado have since created a sound collage made from everything there is to love from the genre's giants of the '90s. The loudness heard on their debut EP, Distressor (which you can still purchase on cassette at Bridgetown Records) is an obvious nod to the aforementioned My Bloody Valentine and fellow innovators Ride while the celestial, dreamy effects and melodious female vocals conjure up dreams of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Still sailing low under the radar, Whirr recently signed to the NYC-based Tee Pee Records and have a brand new limited 7" "JuneBouvier," coming out on September 27th. From there, they'll begin recording a brand new full-length, which will surely be heard no matter where you are when it's released.

Whirr - "Junebouvier"

Whirl - "Leave"

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