September 16, 2011

Hear New Sound: Atlas Sound's "Te Amo"

Bradford Cox's third full-length under the moniker Atlas Sound is quickly shaping up as an unfamiliar turn in songwriting and musicianship from the acclaimed indie rocker. When Parallax's first track "Terra Incognita" debuted last month, AwkwardSound noted how grounded and comfortably forward Cox sounded by allowing the music to revolve around his voice and words instead of the usual other way around. The latest listen "Te Amo" sounds like the secluded and reserved step-sibling to last year's "Helicopter" off of Cox's other band's album, Halcyon Digest. Unlike that track however, the bubbly ambient sway isn't the only thing keeping Bradford's musings afloat as he again fills the space around him with bolder vox. There's a theme building here and it isn't just in the Spanish language song titles...

Atlas Sound - "Te Amo"

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