September 11, 2011

La Dispute

Recent BUZZSounds Touché Amoré and Title Fight are doing great things to resuscitate the post-hardcore scene reflective of the genre during the mid-'90s, but La Dispute isn't forgetting the style's other golden era that occurred at the turn of the millennium. The Grand Rapids, MI band teeters on a more progressive hardcore sound with huge hooks in the vein of At the Drive-In and Refused and lead singer Jordan Dreyer's half-spoken, jittery vocals being somewhat of an acquired taste in the same sense as putting on a Blood Brothers or Circle Takes the Square album for the first time. The quintet (which also includes two guitarists in Chad Sterenburg and Kevin Whittemore, Adam Vass on bass and drummer Brad Vander Lugt) formed in 2004, but with just one album and several EPs under their belt, 2011 should be their breakout year leading up to the anticipated release of their sophomore effort Wildlife, due out October 4th on No Sleep Records. With explosively melodic choruses at bay and a tighter focus around Dreyer's lyrics, Wildlife is said to be "bolder" than anything they've done in the past. It's not to say that La Dispute is experiencing any sort of overnight success either. Over the years, they've relentlessly toured with post-hardcore godfathers Thursday and Envy alongside the likes of the above-mentioned Touché Amoré and Trash Talk, building up a core fanbase in the process. This fall, they hit the road again opening up for Thrice, but it shouldn't come as a huge surprise if by the end of the tour, they're ready to headline on their own.

La Dispute - "Harder Harmonies"

La Dispute - "The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit"

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