September 11, 2011

LIVESound: The Black Lips feat. Bradford Cox (as Joey Ramone) Cover "Do You Wanna Dance?"

We're still just under two months away from Halloween, but that hasn't stopped the always-unpredictable Black Lips and their pal (and Deerhunter / Atlas Sound frontman) Bradford Cox from playing a little dress-up at the flower punk's show late last night. It happened in both artists' home state at the Southern Comfort Lounge in Conley, Georgia as Bradford took to the stage dressed as the "ghost" of legendary punk Joey Ramone to assist his friends at a typically rowdy show and cover "Do You Wanna Dance?" (originally by Bobby Freeman, but infamously covered by The Ramones later on.) Combined with a gory new video for their latest single, "Family Tree" off Arabia Mountain and tweeting about an upcoming "super Halloween," consider The Black lips more than ready for October 31st...

The Black Lips feat. Bradford Cox cover The Ramone's "Do You Wanna Dance?"

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