September 20, 2011

LIVESound: EMA's Daytrotter Session

Anti-California transplant Erika M. Anderson a.k.a. EMA has been one of 2011's most buzzed about musicians, and she delivered on that potential with the well-rounded, grungy debut Part Life Martyred Saints leaving a positive impression here on AwkwardSound. Wearing her broken-hearted songs and angsty words like battle armour, the former Gowns frontwoman recently headed into the Daytrotter studios to record a set of fierce outtakes on various album standouts. As always, there's a magic at the bare bones Daytrotter that somehow makes the trembly "Marked" become a rumble of thunder and "California" explode from all angles. You can also hear a new fragile ballad from EMA entitled "Fuckin' Around" when you download the entire set at Daytrotter. As a bonus, capture Ms. Anderson's emotions in beautiful black and white through the fresh video for "Marked."

EMA - "Marked" (Daytrotter Session)

EMA - "California" (Daytrotter Session)

Directed by: Erika M. Anderson & Leif Shackelford

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