September 18, 2011

LIVESound: Title Fight's Jamie Rhoden Goes Acoustic for Blunt Sessions

It appears AwkwardSound is not the only one who is weaning itself away from the heavier sounds of summer. Currently on tour down under with his band alongside friends and fellow BUZZSound alumni Touché Amoré, Title Fight frontman Jamie Rhoden recently took some time out on the road to record an acoustic set in an empty stairwell for Australia's Blunt Magazine Sessions. If there were two songs off the post-hardcore revivalists highly recommended breakthrough Shed that deserved the stripped down treatment, it would have to be the selected "Safe In Your Skin" and "Where Are You?" Jamie gets really emo when the rest of Title Fight isn't plugged in with him below...

"Safe In Your Skin" / "Where Are You?"

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