September 15, 2011

Song Review: Real Estate's "Easy"

Location can have its fair share of influence on music, but the weather in the Tri-State area doesn't register to many as a hot spot for beachcombing lo-fi pop. Brooklyn-by-way-of-New Jersey's Real Estate has always been kind of a black sheep scenario for the genre as the collective sounds like they were born and raised in the sand and not so much an affluent suburb community. Maybe it has something to do with the timing of their releases, but Real Estate has found a way to manipulate the seasons to their liking and make summery music that's best enjoyed when warm temperatures and long days are planning their exit. "It's Real," the first listen off their upcoming sophomore effort and Domino debut Days hinted at this sort of pre-autumnal groove a few months back. The latest cut "Easy" intensifies the sounds of the season with further melodious lazing. A deep, breezy texture in the dueling guitars gives the song a feeling of cooling twilight as Martin Courtney gently jangles his six-string and Matthew Mondanile weaves his signature slow-burning psychedelic reverb into the gliding rhythm. In Courtney's hushed words of longing and the lush harmonies floating with ease in the background, you can sense the band's battle for more daylight and higher levels of mercury falling through their grips. Even though they've built a sound off a particular climate, "Easy" is Real Estate accepting the changing seasons by bidding one final farewell to their old friend, summer.

UPDATE: The track has since been removed from SoundCloud, but you can still stream it over on AwkwardSound's HypeMachine page!

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