September 18, 2011

Youth Lagoon

With a hot and hard-sounding summer now behind us, it's no surprise that AwkwardSound's stereo system is cooling off with some subdued listens as of late. Boise, ID's Trevor Powers and his bedroom pop outfit Youth Lagoon capture that sound with his vision of autumnal seclusion and nostalgia he hopes will hit a chord with anyone that's willing to lend their ear. The 22-year-old began the solo project while attending Boise State after a few stints in other bands as a means to write music that meant something to him personally. The result is his debut, The Year of Hibernation, a dreamy, ambient and mostly quiet effort that parallels the soundscapes from dream pop luminaries The Cocteau Twins or -- more recently -- Atlas Sound and Foxes In Fiction. As the album bursts with polarized moments of lush warmth and stretches of coldness, it's then when you gain further insight into Powers' feelings of nostalgia and anguish. Of the album's underlying theme, Powers says, "I know that if I can be honest about what is inside my mind, there will be others that will be able to relate to it." The Year of Hibernation's visceral beginnings arrive in the world on September 27th through Fat Possum Records (which AS might add will also be released on cassette,) coupled by Youth Lagoon's very first trek across the eastern U.S. fittingly occurring just as the trees lose their leaves.

Youth Lagoon - "July"

Youth Lagoon - "Cannons"

Directed by: Tyler T. Williams

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