October 25, 2011

Hear New Sound: Nada Surf's "When I Was Young"

2011 hasn't even come to a close yet, but the new year of music is already beginning to shape up nicely with a brand new album from one-hit-wonders-turned-indie rock comeback kids, Nada Surf. The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy is the name of the Brooklyn trio's seventh LP which will see its release on January 24th via the label that has long supported the band's return to public relevance, Barsuk Records. When we last heard from Nada Surf, it was four years ago as Matthew Caws and company churned out a heavier affair in Lucky (featuring the single "Whose Authority," a "Where are they now?" update of sorts on The Adventures of Pete & Pete's elder Pete) but this album might find the guys returning to a quieter template. "When I Was Young" is The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy's first impression. It's a track that starts off with just Caws and his acoustic, but then sparks its way into something bigger once Ira Elliot and Dan Orca enter the picture. Nada Surf's reemergence over the past decade is due in part to nostalgic sentiments, but they take that to a new level here...

Nada Surf - "When I Was Young"

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