October 8, 2011

Hear New Sound: The Weeknd's "Initiation"

It's been awhile since AwkwardSound has talked up The Weeknd, but since that time, a lot of the missing puzzle pieces AS had about the then-mysterious Drake-friendly producer and sex jam maker have been filled in for us. For one, we now know the man behind these darkly romantic slowburners is Toronto's Abel Tesfaye. Since the release of his duly noted debut mixtape, House of Balloons, The Weeknd has gone on to release another in Thursday with one more installment entitled Echoes of Silence due to drop any week now (taking a page out of Robyn's 2010 playbook are we?) Perhaps a telling sign that its arrival may be happening sometime very, very soon, a new cut out of Tesfaye's sultry world called "Initiation" has made its way onto the Internet. While it's not yet confirmed whether this particular track will appear on Echoes of Silence, The Weeknd tests out a different style here fitting for the October air as he creates some trippy drag-like vocals à la SALEM with the help of some shape-shifting production warping. You're invited to join...

The Weeknd - "Initiation"

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