October 31, 2011

Hear New Sound: Wives' "One"

Long before there was No Age, there was Wives, the hardcore-noise three-piece which included Dean Spunt switching it up on bass, Randy Randall still holding fort on guitar and two different drummers on separate occasions. The band became mainstays in LA's Smell scene and toured globally between 2001 and 2005. To get Wives' music out into the world, Spunt and Randall went all-out DIY and formed their very own record label, Post Present Medium. This year, the label happens to be celebrating its 10th year in excellent releases from other Smell scene alumni and like-minded artists such as Abe Vigoda, Mika Miko, High Places, Black Dice's Eric Copeland and Gun Outfit. On December 6th -- in conjunction with PPM's diamond anniversary -- Spunt and Randall are unearthing Wives' very last recordings, a 12" called the Roy Tapes (named after the session recordings with the band's last drummer, Roy Tatum.) Produced by Best Coast six-stringer, Bobb Bruno, the set features tracks like "One," in which the riffs are far more angsty and rough around the edges than the dreamy fuzz punk heard on present-day No Age cuts. If you like what you hear and can't wait until December 6th, AwkwardSound highly recommends that you track down one of Wives' long-gone singles or their only full-length, Erect the Youth Problem. Oh, Dean and Randy are putting together a few awesome shows to mark PPM's 10th birthday, too...

Wives - "One"

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