October 13, 2011

LIVESound: The Horrors Cover Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Had"

One is a group of gloomy alternative rockers and the the other is the glamorous queen "B" of the mainstream pop scene. When the two styles meet at an unlikely crossroad, it's a candidate for 2011's most original cover takes. On the heels of an illuminating new video clip in support of their recommended new album, Skying, The Horrors paid a visit to BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge during their current UK tour. There, they played a truly authentic rendition of "Best Thing I Never Had," one of the many excellent singles to come our way off Beyoncé's latest effort, 4. If you're expecting to hear frontman Farris Badwan belt out the chorus in just the same vein as the pop diva, though, you're not giving the brooding quintet enough credit. In The Horrors' world, "Best Thing I Never Had" is made into a kaleidoscopic rocker that mimics the prismatic layers heard on their third LP. If there's any truth that "what goes around comes back around," here's hoping Beyoncé pays it forward with a leotard-ready cover of "Still Life"...

The Horrors - "Best Thing I Never Had" (Beyoncé cover)

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