October 6, 2011

LIVESound: Thursday's Daytrotter Session

Thursday earned the right of legendary status within the post-hardcore scene this year with the release of their highly recommended sixth album, No DevoluciĆ³n. A dark and organic listen that shapeshifts between icy electronica and aggressive, heavy riffs, it's musical evidence that the New Brunswick sextet continues to hit new strides as the years go by through reinvention and incorporating new influences into their brooding brand of atmospheric hardcore. Recently, Geoff Rickly and the guys brought some of these newer tracks over to AS live recording favorite Daytrotter, with the results being one of the most lucid sessions to come out of The Horseshack studio. Between the crisp, clean cuts of guitars, sharp drum snares, the way Geoff's vocals echo off the walls and how stripping "Turnpike Divides" of its loudness only intensifies its emotion, Thursday should seriously consider recording an entire live studio LP like this in the future. You can hear "Turnpike Divides" reimagined below alongside the glassy, Orwellian listen, "No Answers" below, and then head over to Thursday's Daytrotter page to download the entire three-song set. Before the year ends, Thursday will be heading out for a round of holiday shows with a stacked list of openers that is not to be missed.

Thursday - "Turnpike Divides" (Daytrotter Session)

Thursday - "No Answers" (Daytrotter Session)

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