October 16, 2011

Pianos Become the Teeth

Not only has 2011 been a great year for hardcore but more specifically, it's been a breakthrough of sorts for The Wave, a contingent of like-minded bands reigniting the scene with DIY ethics and varying styles including past AS BUZZSounds Touché Amoré and La Dispute, Make Do and Mend, Defeater and this latest BUZZSound, Pianos Become the Teeth. Formed in 2006, the Baltimore-based quintet -- which includes frontman Kyle Durfey, guitarists Chad McDonald and Mike York, Zac Sewell on bass and David Haik on drums -- had some burgeoning success in 2009 with their debut Old Pride, an effort swallowed up by screamo vocals and post-rock textures reminiscent of Envy and Explosions In the Sky. It's their upcoming sophomore LP The Lack Long After where Pianos Become the Teeth are coming into their own sound, though, and it's a darker, heavier one that should find regular rotation with fans of early millennial stalwarts American Nightmare or Planes Mistaken for Stars. One thing that probably will never change about Pianos Become the Teeth's sound however is a deeply emotional connection between Kyle Durfey shredded vocals and the lyrics he pens (On their debut, Durfey used his platform on the mic as a catharsis over the loss of his father, and that anguish and sorrow continues on in LP 2.) The Lack Long After is set to be released November 1st on Topshelf Records, with an opening slot for fellow Wave friends Touché Amoré lasting throughout the rest of the fall and December -- Ideal timing for those of us whose hearts become icy as the temperatures plummets.

Pianos Become the Teeth - "Spine"

Pianos Become the Teeth - "Cripples Can't Shiver"

"I'll Be Damned"
Directed by: N / A

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