October 14, 2011

Song Review: Drake's "Make Me Proud" (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Despite the release date of Take Care being delayed to the holiday push of mid-November, Drake isn't risking losing your attention -- especially after all the work he's done by saturating your earbuds with new music until then. On "Make Me Proud," his latest and most high profile single off his upcoming sophomore effort, the Toronto hip-hopper opts for starpower to keep the buzz going by bringing along fellow Young Money maker and Ms. Superb Ass herself, Nicki Minaj along for the ride. Where as "Headlines" didn't seem to grab any here on AS, "Make Me Proud" wipes the slate clean with a different take on life coming from Drizzy. No longer rhyming about the perils of groupies doing him wrong, this single is an ode to the ones maintaining a classy composure over a T-Minus-produced quick-step beat and a simple scale of shimmery synths. It also puts a new face on the humbled style of confidence for the self-deprecating superstar. The world doesn't revolve around Drake on "Make Me Proud," but rather deservedly on all the women out there holding their heads up high and trying their hand at success ("Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go / Wondering what's on your mind / It must be hard to be that fine / When all these muthafuckas wanna waste your time / It’s just amazing girl / And all I can say is / I’m so proud of you.") This taken into consideration, it's a fitting spot for Nicki Minaj, whose fiery tongue defines the type of woman Drake is adulating here (and also compliments his cool swagger.) A song that does right for the ladies by hip-hop's most scrutinizing bachelors -- What's not to be proud of here?

Drake (feat. Nicki Minaj) - "Make Me Proud"

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