October 20, 2011

Song Review: Future of the Left's "Polymers Are Forever"

Why Future of the Left isn't one the biggest rock 'n roll bands on the planet is any one's guess. The Welsh quartet -- sprung from the ashes of millennial post-hardcore trio, Mclusky -- has achieved similar critical acclaim but only marginal mass notoriety like their former band despite a penchant for anthemic, heavy-rifted punk rock led by snarly frontman Andy Falkous. "Polymers Are Forever," the title track off Future of the Left's forthcoming EP due out November 15th on Xtra Mile, is an attention-grabber with all elements in their right places to make for a great modern rock song. The track is blown wide open from its opening moments by a barreling guitar and sizzling keys wrapped around it, marking a surprising yet exciting departure away from the band's usual meat-and-potatoes grungy punk roots in exchange for a slight industrial effect. As for the band's frontman, Angry Andy sounds more assured than ever, commanding a repetitive chorus of "bop-bop" and "Do it!" in a fashion that would make Mike Patton proud. While Falkous has said the keys are "not representative" of what's to come on their next full-length, The Plot Against Common Sense, you can't help but get excited about where Future of the Left are bringing their sound. If it's a reaction that they're going for, they're getting one on "Polymers Are Forever."

Future of the Left - "Polymers Are Forever"

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