October 5, 2011

Song Review: Trash Talk's "Burn Alive"

Chaos and Trash Talk are synonymous with each other. As one of 2010's Best Breakthrough Artists and distinguished here on AS as the year's best live act, the Sacramento-based hardcore punks pummeled their way into the better half of the 25 Best Albums with their heavy-hitting sophomore effort, Eyes & Nines. With an unlikely interest now emerging from soft-edged indie label Matador Records due to their success with Fucked Up and recent signees, Ceremony, they've now reigned in Trash Talk to release their new EP, Awake via off-shoot label True Panther on October 11th (Editor's note: Apologies for omitting this on AS' recent fourth quarter preview.) Unlike Fucked Up who has mellowed out with each subsequent release on the indie juggernaut, don't expect Trash Talk to go all soft on us just yet. It's not to say they aren't punching out tighter tracks either. "Burn Alive" is the second listen off Awake (after the ear-busting title track,) and just as its official music video suggests, this is the soundtrack of powerviolence with precision targeting. An epic by Trash Talk's standards, "Burn Alive" is two-minutes of fast-kicking calamity that finds the Cali rockers honing their signature barrage of gristly guitar riffs and deep-thudding drum beats as lead singer Lee Speilman screams from "the edge of an apocalypse" that "the good die young, but the great survive." It's an intense statement to be made, but considering that this is Trash Talk through and through, "Burn Alive" is further evidence of how this hardcore act continues to set the music world on fire.

Trash Talk - "Burn Alive"

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