November 11, 2011

Other Lives

Sometimes it takes a little help from a big name to bring a bit more attention onto a band, and that's something that under-the-radar indie rockers Other Lives may be finding out first hand soon enough. The lush multi-instrumental quintet with a knack for haunted harmonies are far from amateurs at this game, having formed seven years ago in Stillwater, OK under the working name Kunek (which released one album under that moniker) and put out an overlooked self-titled debut back in 2009. This past May, their sophomore LP, Tamer Animals was quietly released via TBD Records to moderate praise alongside a successful run opening for acclaimed songwriting darling, Bon Iver. In the new year however, a lot more eyes will be on Other Lives while they're exposed on a much larger stage opening for Radiohead on their upcoming North American tour. Playing a gig before Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood and the rest of the experimental alt-rock superstars appear in front of tens of thousands of fans is an opportunity that even some established bands would kill to have, and with that, it's a safe bet that we can anticipate hearing more people talking up Other Lives between now and then. Regardless of Mr. Yorke's stamp of approval, AwkwardSound has a feeling 2012 would still have shaped up pretty nicely for the melodic rockers and their weathered sound: Other Lives has already been confirmed as one of the initial acts playing next year's Primavera Sound, an indication of a widespread presence throughout the 2012 festival scene.

Other Lives - "For 12"

Other Lives - "As I Lay My Head Down"

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