December 8, 2011

Joyce Manor

If 2011 was a pretty good year for Joyce Manor, then 2012 should be one for the books. Guitarists Barry Johnson and Chase Knobbe formed the project in 2008, originally setting their sights on making it as an acoustic duo. It wasn't until they rounded out the lineup with the addition of drummer Kurt Walcher and a bassist in Matt Ebert that the quartet fleshed out into one of the more unique punk styles to arrive in recent memory. This past January, the Torrance, CA punk quartet released its self-titled debut to welcome acclaim via hardcore label 6131 and in turn, the buzz around the band took off (certainly helping boost their cred along the way have been opening slots for the likes of Ceremony, Touché Amoré and Lemuria.) Trying to define their sound however is a task within itself. During AwkwardSound's infantile stage, the very first post here was a feature on the current emo revival. Joyce Manor may not fit all the same stereotypes that would throw them under the same umbrella, but they do share a lot in common with many of their young contemporaries making a name for themselves in the punk and post-hardcore underground scene. Not quite hardcore and not entirely content with being pop, Joyce Manor bust out abrasive melodies that's drawn parallels to early Alkaline Trio and Jawbreaker. Their songs are often short in length and loosely scripted with sloppy riffs. Johnson, the primary lyricist, however has gone on the record to say songwriting is a very important aspect in their music, which has resulted in a happy medium of sorts between these sparring directions. For their 2012 encore, he and the rest of Joyce Manor will be releasing their sophomore LP on venerable punk label, Asian Man Records due out sometime in February. It's never too early to start thinking about next year's "Best Albums" list, you know...

Joyce Manor - "Orange Julius"

Joyce Manor - "Constant Headache

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