December 19, 2011

LIVESound: Black Flag Members Reunite to Play "Nervous Breakdown"

This past summer, original Black Flag members Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski teamed up with No Age's Dean Spunt and Randy Randall for a surprise one-off set under the pseudonym No Flag, with the results being the four cranking out tracks from the Nervous Breakdown EP to a wild reception. At the time, it seemed that would be the closest we'd ever get to seeing a reunion of the iconic hardcore act, but all that changed this past weekend at Goldenvoice's 30th Anniversary. With The Descendents headlining the night's SoCal punk homage, drummer Bill Stevenson -- who once sat behind the Black Flag kit between '81 and '85 -- joined Morris and Dukowski alongside Descendents bandmate Stephen Egerton for the first realistic Black Flag reformation since the group broke up in 1986. Again, the hardcore vets pummeled through the Nervous Breakdown EP within a matter of minutes, but these are the kind of the memories that will stick with those in attendance forever. And so now the question remains: While Keith Morris will always be the original voice of Black Flag, is there any room left on that stage for a certain Henry Rollins?

"Nervous Breakdown"

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