December 14, 2011

Song Review: Radiohead's "The Daily Mail"

The response to Radiohead's latest full-length The King of Limbs wasn't an immediate love affair with critics or fans, but as 2011 has wore on, AwkwardSound likes to think more of us out there have cozied up to the UK quartet's stripped down sound. LP 8 admittedly isn't the gamechanger many have come to expect from the innovative alt-rockers, but Thom Yorke's flawless songwriting backed by some of the most brilliant bandmates a frontman could ask for prevent the album from coming close to resembling a disappointment. Now that the band plans to tour The King of Limbs with a massive North American and European tour in the new year, Radiohead is keeping interest in their latest body of work peaked with a new single recorded during the recent The King of Limbs: Live From the Basement session. "The Daily Mail," in the context of the eighth LP, marks a slight departure away from the sound and style of The King of Limbs, as the production features even less space age detail and opts for absolute simplicity instead. For one, the delicate piano here on "The Daily Mail" is hallowed out and humbly displayed beneath Mr. Yorke's faint vocals unlike that heard in the burly keying of TKOL's "Codex." When the track breaks out of its shell at the 2:10 mark, there are no fragmented electronics or strange sound-warping tricks coming out of the band's direction, either, but rather just Radiohead getting back to the basics of Brit rock with your usual suspects of instruments (The guys still however manage to offer an ominously rapturesque listen through careful pacing and Yorke's politically-charged musings.) Having spent the better half of the past decade concentrating their efforts on changing the way rock music sounds, "The Daily Mail" demonstrates that Radiohead can still deliver innovation without really having to reach too far out into the future to achieve it.

Radiohead - "The Daily Mail"

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