January 4, 2012


Criminally underrated Smell scene originals Mika Miko left a lasting impression on the Los Angeles noise pop landscape despite calling it quits just as the genre began to tip in 2009. While some of its members went on to concentrate on new pursuits outside of music, the band's sister act of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin never lost sight of making a splash with their love of fuzz punk, and have joined forced once again as Bleached. It was originally the Clavins' intent to start working together as soon as Mika Miko ended, but short-lived stints in Cold Cave and Puro Instincto alongside a move to NYC by Jennifer delayed the project from moving forward. Since putting her goth pop days behind her and returning to LA, however, she and Jessica's focus on Bleached has already resulted in a steady stream of new material by way of three 7"s on Art Fag, Ooga Booga and Suicide Squeeze. Like fellow female punk pop rockers Frankie Rose and Cassie Ramone recently brought to light, the Clavin sisters are ushering in a new wave of "girl group" mainstays reinventing their sound. In this case, they step away from some of the noisier elements Mika Miko brandished while kneading in peppier hooks with their doubled-over guitars. Currently, Bleached is en route across the United States opening for indie psych-pop makers Smith Westerns and plan on releasing their debut album early in 2012. This time around, look for their talents to not go unnoticed.

Bleached - "Think of You"

Bleached - "No Friend Of Mine"

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