January 19, 2012

Hear New Sound: Frankie Rose's "Night Swim"

The queen of the NYC indie scene, Frankie Rose has already wowed and caught the music world off guard with "Know Me," the lush first single and Recommended Listen off her upcoming solo effort, Interstellar (due out February 21st on Slumberland Records.) If you still need further convincing that the former Vivian and Dum Dum Girl has it in her to deliver a solid body of work, then taking in another new track off the LP should hush any reservations. "Night Swim" is an assuring example that Rose has come into her own as a polished songwriter by embracing swooning guitars and pop melodies in ways her former outputs only touched on. In other Frankie Rose-related news, she recently gave an interesting interview with Pitchfork to address -- amongst other things -- the current state of "girl groups" (Answer: She hates being thrown into the same category as them) and the future of lo-fi (Answer: It's over for the time being.) Oh Frankie, anyone could have guessed that just by listening to your new work...

Frankie Rose - "Night Swim"

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