January 13, 2012

Hear New Sound: Lee Ranaldo's "Off the Wall"

As Thurston Moore continues to tour behind last year's beautifully calm solo effort Demolished Thoughts and Steve Shelley dedicates his drum skills to Disappears, Lee Ranaldo is taking a cue from his (former?) bandmates by preoccupying himself with a new project as the future of Sonic Youth remains unclear. On March 20th, Matador Records plans to release a new "song-based" LP by Ranaldo, an effort aptly titled Between the Times & The Tides. While it isn't necessarily unheard of for Ranaldo to set out on his own (he's put several instrumental noise and spoken word albums in the past,) it's the first time the SY co-founder is putting out a collection of music crafted in a more traditional sense with lyrics and linear chord progressions. "Off the Wall" is our very first glimpse into Between the Tides & The Times, and it showcases a musical dynamic similar to the many Ranaldo cuts that made their way onto SY's 2009 effort, The Eternal alongside carefully stripped textures like those which Thurston stitched into the Demolished Thoughts tapestry. In short, "Off the Wall" is surprisingly grounded...

Lee Ranaldo - "Off the Wall"

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