January 31, 2012

Hear New Sound: Mr. Dream's "The Room" / "What A Mess"

BUZZSound alumni / Breakthrough Artist honorees / 25th Best Albums of 2011 makers / Generally badass indie rockers Mr. Dream are #6 on AwkwardSound's radar this year for most anticipated new albums, but apparently we need to get through a new EP before we get to the good shit. Luckily for us, the NYC-based trio doesn't do any material half-assed (granted, their brand of punk-infused indie rock sounds like it walked straight out of a seedy alley to begin with,) and so on February 28th via God Mode Records, they'll be releasing Fatherland, a collection of six brand new song to hold us over until they're ready for their sophomore close-up. Of important note, the EP "is about an amusement park for fathers" according to the good people over at Stereogum. There, the band debuted two of those tracks, "The Room" and "What A Mess," to download for your takings. While neither track deviates far from the abrasive carnal charge that's sweats it out on Trash Hit, they'll at least get you bent (in a good way) until Montreal Sex Machine becomes a reality...

Mr. Dream - "The Room"

Mr. Dream - "What A Mess"

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