January 16, 2012

Hear New Sound: Sleigh Bells' "Comeback Kid"

Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells may have the dubious honor of being named AwkwardSound's very first Most Overhyped New Artist, but that was 2010 and everyone deserves a second chance, right? (Not to mention there's a soft spot to be had for Derek Miller and his ties as former guitarist for post-hardcore act, Poison the Well.) He and Alexis Krauss will get another chance to prove themselves worthy of AS' acclaim when they unleash Reign of Terror, their sophomore LP due out February 21st on Mom + Pop Records. Lucky for everyone, the album's official lead single "Comeback Kid" is a good start in getting on AS' good side. What works this time around that didn't do the trick on Treats is that Sleigh Bells tried too hard to sound heavy when they really should have softened their edges. "Comeback Kid" at times pushes Miller's beefy riffs into the background, but not without due purpose to make way for Alexis' incandescent chorus. Subtlety makes this single pop, so chalk this one up as a second shot success for Sleigh Bells...

Sleigh Bells - "Comeback Kid"

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