January 9, 2012

Hear New Sound: Xiu Xiu's "Hi"

A decade after the groundbreaking debut Knife Play introduced the world to the dark mind of pop desconstructionalist Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu returns in its latest lineup incarnation and the release of their 8th studio album (and first for new label home, Polyvinyl) Always on March 6th. The last effort from Stewart and his revolving door of cohorts on 2010's acclaimed LP Dear God, I Hate Myself had the avante garde act submerging multi-instrumentation under a veil of synth-pop, resulting in some of Xiu Xiu's most accessible work since 2003's Fabulous Muscles. "Hi," Always' first single, goes a few steps further in steeping the San Jose act deep inside blue-hued pop hooks given a morbid edge by Stewarts' characteristically uncomfortable lyrics. Make greetings with Xiu Xiu's "Hi" below...

Xiu Xiu - "Hi"

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