January 18, 2012

The Jealous Sound

The Jealous Sound are far from rookies in the music world, but for whatever reason, their name has flown under the radar for close to a decade now. Even so, the four members of the Los Angeles-based quartet are no strangers to rocking out, as each member has ties to bands fans of '90s emo and indie rock should be pretty familiar with (lead singer Blair Shehan fronted seminal '90s post-hardcore outfit Knapsack, guitarist Pedro Benito also plays in Sunday's Best while Nate Mendel of Sunny Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters fame joined the fold in 2009 as their bassist. Originally, former Jawbox / Shudder to Think drummer Adam Wade sat behind the kit but his role has since been filled by Coco B's Bob Penn.) In the years they've been together, the quartet has hit the road and toured with the upper echelon of scene contemporaries such as At the Drive-In and The Get Up Kids, kindred spirits Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World and The Promise Ring as well as the aforementioned alt-rock superstars known as the Foo Fighters (before Mendel officially joined.) With so much cred already having been amassed behind their name, how is it that The Jealous Sound only has a dedicated cult following? Part of that has to do with general touring inactivity and large stretches between full-length outputs, beginning with their acclaimed 2003 debut, Kill Them With Kindness and leading all the way into this year's long overdue sophomore follow-up, A Gentle Reminder. That album arrives January 31st on The Militia Group, and will see the band embarking on a massive headlining tour that hits 20 clubs across the United States in just 24 days. For all their downtime, The Jealous Sound sure make up for it quickly and in large doses. Anyone who missed the boat experiencing indie-emo rock during its peak of the late '90s should relish the opportunity here -- As the band's Twitter touts, "A second chance rarely comes around" and The Jealous Sound seem primed to embrace theirs.

The Jealous Sound - "Your Eyes Were Shining"

The Jealous Sound - "Hope For Us"

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