January 30, 2012

LIVESound: Zola Jesus Live at Amoeba Music

It's one thing to take in the sounds of Zola Jesus music as it creeps its way into your stereo system whether it be under a veil of silence, glittering darkness or a tidal wave of emotion, but her live show brings all of these elements of her sound to a new level of soaring energy. Any doubts about whether Nika Danilova's pipes can reach the same heights they do in the studio can be silenced, as witnessed in this in-store live spectacle the dark chanteuse played at the world's greatest independent record store, Amoeba Music in Hollywood. The event -- which took place around the same time her latest effort Conatus was released this past October -- features fives songs culled from that acclaimed LP as well as the Stridulum EP fan favorite, "Night." It should probably be noted that Zola Jesus is currently on tour across the States right now. If you need physical proof that her shows are worth your time and effort to attend, then look no further...

Zola Jesus Live at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, CA

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