January 6, 2012

Song Review: Ceremony's "Hysteria"

Ceremony seem adamant on distancing themselves from the past and reinventing their sound on their forthcoming (and highly anticipated) LP, Zoo. In a hand-written letter posted by frontman Ross Farrar explaining the meaning of the album title, he goes on to say how he didn't want to "fall into the habit of writing things that seemed too pessimistic -- Something that punk and hardcore bands have exausted many times over." Starting afresh on indie juggernaut Matador Records is giving Farrar that opportunity, with our first glimpse into his reevaluated perspective arriving in Zoo's first single, "Hysteria." Even though the opening moments of track may bat away drums and crank guitar-fueled aggression, make no mistakes that it's a cleaner, tight-riffed listen more in line with the indie rock pursuasians that they paid homage to on last year's 6 Cover Songs EP. Stylistically, Ceremony continues to the revel in the weirdness that began to envelope their sound during 2010's breakthrough Rohnert Park, whether it be in Farrar's manic musings or the mob-like chorus in the track's tail end. Skepticism and backlash from hardcore purists will likely usher in Ceremony's Matador-era, but to hell with them. "Hysteria" is just a hint of how far out they're willing to go, and the reformed California punks are destined to move toward it without ever looking back.

Ceremony - "Hysteria"

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