January 24, 2012

Song Review: The Men's "Open Your Heart"

BUZZSound alumni The Men delivered one of the loudest, roaring and best albums of 2011 with Leave Home, and perhaps it's for these reasons that the first listen and title track off their forthcoming LP, Open Your Heart sounds reactionary to all of this. "Open Your Heart" puts the NYC art-punks in a simpler context where the sludgy, pulverizing guitar trashing heard throughout their back catalog has done away with a bit of the grit, taking a turn for the clearer to discern both melodically and vocally. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say this is the most accessible track The Men have recorded yet, as Leave Home was an all-over-the-place effort strengthened by raw imperfections. This track on the other hand singles out classic garage rock influences to hold their sound steady. So The Men have upped the production quality a few notches here on "Open Your Heart," and while it's not as likely to burst any one's eardrums, they pull pop off pretty well, too.

The Men - "Open Your Heart"

1 comment:

  1. This is a great song man. Pretty hard to keep all that urgent momentum inside one pair of headphones. Gotta catch these guys live when they come through the UK.