January 12, 2012


Sometimes a debut album is long overdue for all the right reasons, which appears to be the case for Brooklyn's Tanlines. The electronic pop duo comprised of Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen began working together in 2008 after Emm produced a track for Cohen's dance punk band Professor Murder. From there, the two began working together on the current project and released their acclaimed first single, "New Flowers" nearly four years ago on Young Turks. Outside from a second single in "Real Life" and Settings, an EP of remixes and compilation contributions put out by True Panther Sounds in 2010, Emm and Cohen have left listeners patiently waiting the arrival of Tanlines' formal debut. Chalk that up to the winds of change. Over the years, the NYC duo has toured alongside HEALTH and Vampire Weekend, but it was a recent European tour that changed the band's perspective on their creative process. During this trek, Cohen and Ebb absorbed themselves in a diverse playlist filled with classic indie rock, '80s punk and even some Springsteen. “Listening to them, I became very aware of the lasting resonance of a good song. A good song transcends production trends. That’s what we were missing, and I wanted to start making songs that could last forever,” Emm says. When they returned home, the two entered a real recording studio -- something they hadn't ever done -- and out came Mixed Emotions, a full-length that reflects their musical evolution, maturity, humanity and openness to step outside their comfort zone. The album, mixed by reputable engineer Jimmy Douglass (Television, Aaliyah) won't be out until March 20th on True Panther, but it will likely be well worth the wait.

Tanlines - "Brothers"

Tanlines - "Real Life"

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