February 7, 2012

Hear New Sound: Beach Fossils' "Lessons"

Late last week, dreamy Brooklyn-based indie pop act Beach Fossils debuted a brand new and more aggressive-sounding single with the Recommended Listen "Shallow." While the physical manifestation in the form of a 7" vinyl release isn't set to happen until February 21st through Captured Tracks, its B-side has conveniently made its way onto the web. "Lessons" doesn't quite pack the same urgent punch as its flip side, but it doesn't mean it isn't well worth your time (or money for that matter.) In what's become a calling card in the quartet's endless summer sound, the track features sparkling guitar action layered over a hop-scotching rhythm section and Dustin Payseur's breezy vocal melodies. Pay attention and take notes on Beach Fossils' "Lessons" below...

Beach Fossils - "Lessons"

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